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Product & Technology

Notes from Steven Roberts

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This information is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. See your healthcare provider regarding your concerns and symptoms.

Steven Roberts has been involved with this science for 14 years. He travels internationally and has introduced many doctors to this technology. He is the previous owner of a sports and rehab company which he sold in order to devote his time to speaking, educating and training health professionals on Liquid Gold which is a new paradigm.

There is a scientific model behind LGRX. It is not so easy for doctors because of patients’ liability, is far different than introducing to a family member and friend. The best doctors are the ones who want to do the right thing for their patients no matter what. Liquid Gold doctors are the best. It is imperative doctors understand the basic science before introducing to patients. LGRX is beneficial to everyone.

How is Liquid Gold different from a dietary supplement? You cannot trick the body for long. We are not designed to absorb concentrated dosages of anything, so over time supplements will have similar adverse effects as synthetics. The first rule is to do no harm. The body recognizes Liquid Gold as food, which is the reason for eating 10 minutes after spraying to trigger the body’s natural digestive processes. We’re not supplementing nutrition. This is why you need to eat 10 minutes after spraying.

The ingredients are computer assisted using proprietary combinations and mixtures software, sterilization and processing using specific partial extracts or fully processed compositions we call highly engineered immunomodulators. We are using 100% non-synthetic based components, ingredients and additives. LGRX is impossible to copy or reverse engineer, 100% biodegradable. It is impossible to overdose; taking more than needed could create expensive urine.

Supplements cannot make these claims- articles regarding adverse effects of supplements. Someone may say, but my vitamins and supplements are all natural and I say so are poison mushrooms. Liquid Gold is zero poison, zero synthetic and all the ingredients are metabolized by the liver.

What’s in it? How are LGRX ingredients different? How are the ingredients not negatively influenced by the environment which is getting worse? The raw materials used come from plants grown within verified areas and only from qualified suppliers. All three processing phases ensure full compliance with specific standards and all the plants are GRAS: Generally Regarded As Safe by both USA Pharmacopia and by USA FDA. Additional information is available in the “Natural Standard Book” issued and updated by Harvard University.

The extracts for active ingredients are selected and purified from plants. Plants do not have an immune system. The soil composition and the environment can influence significantly the chemical composition of the plants. For this reason, as an additional safety measure Liquid Gold is compliant with our standards using all raw materials processed and preprocessed ingredients only from qualified suppliers.

All living creatures try to eat something that contains molecules creatively filtered by another living thing or in vivo as opposed to supplements and synthetics which are in vitro, manmade in a petri dish, which stresses the liver and causes inflammation. This in turn can cause a wide variety of serious health conditions. We are what we eat, drink and breathe. Because we live on a poisonous planet our food, air and water are toxic. It is critical we protect our liver and immune system.

Liquid Gold has NO RIVAL in nourishing the liver and immune function responsible for preventing disease and optimizing our health. The matrices inside our bodies at a subatomic level accounting for hundreds of millions of chemical reactions per second at the same time. The science behind Liquid Gold RX includes advanced mathematics and quantum physics which is why the proprietary software is required. This technology nourishes all functions of the immune system and liver, what we call the power plant at the max using minimum quantities producing clean pipes (vessels) and fresh blood. This is the reason we’re hearing the miracles daily about Liquid Gold.

We are grateful for this technology and Liquid Gold doctors. We are grateful for the vision of Liquid Gold Rx to allow the product to be available to everyone. I remember when it wasn’t so easily accessible. This highly complex science which is why we say, “just spray it and see for yourself.”